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Working with partners

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We create valuable opportunities for partners by combining extensive clinical experience, deep expertise in rare diseases and tumors, and business acumen to strategically identify molecules that are worth developing further.

Our partners have a mission-critical role to play – providing the resources, skills and perspective that is integral to the development of therapies.

Changing the course of rare diseases together

"We seek to leverage the strong development and regulatory progress Mereo has already made to continue the development of navicixizumab and ultimately make this investigational therapy available to patients as quickly as possible.”

Laura E. Benjamin, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of OncXerna

Partner updates

Opportunities to join our mission

Mereo actively seeks partners with aligning strategic priorities and values to ensure that we can unlock the full potential of our pipeline for all stakeholders, particularly patients.

We currently have three clinical-stage programs with partnering opportunities.


Navicixizumab (OMP305B83)

For the potential treatment of platinum-resistant ovarian cancer, partnered with OncXerna Therapeutics Inc. for further development.


Acumapimod (BCT197)

For the potential treatment of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (“AECOPD”).


Leflutrozole (BGS649)

For the potential treatment of male infertility associated with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (“HH”).

Our current partners

Novartis Logo

Mereo acquired a portfolio in July 2015 including Setrusumab, Acumapimod and Leflutrozole.

Astraxeneca Logo

Mereo in-licensed Alvelestat from AstraZeneca In October 2017.

Ultragenyx Logo
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.

In December 2020, Mereo entered a collaboration and license for the development and co-commercialization of Setrusumab.

Onexerna Logo
OncXerna Therapeutics

Mereo out-licensed Navicixizumab to OncXerna in January 2020.


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