Large pharma and large biotech companies face unprecedented R&D and financial challenges to remain competitive in the market and deliver value to their shareholders.

Their rich pipelines are the product of many years’ R&D investment in innovative drug candidates with real clinical potential. However, strong competition for R&D budget allocation between different programs means many promising drug candidates remain unfunded. As a consequence there is now an unprecedented need for the pharma industry to find creative ways to progress their clinical development pipelines.

Mereo aims to allow companies to capitalise on their R&D investment, to ease P&L pressure and to efficiently develop and commercialise these unfunded or deprioritised programmes to unlock the inherent value by:

  • Providing the requisite financing for these product candidates
  • Providing the skills needed to develop (and in some cases commercialise) the products in a cost effective and cost efficient company structure
  • Taking on multiple or single assets – in deals tailored to benefit both parties, thereby
  • Enabling companies to turn such assets to their P&L advantage – both now and in the long term

Our strategy, in short, is to leverage our clinical and financial expertise and networks to identify, acquire (or licence), develop and share in the rewards of those products in the pipelines of major pharma and biotech companies which are currently impacted by financial and operational constraints.

Our Business Model

We focus on acquiring and delivering Phase 2 drugs to patients, whilst optimising the value of our product portfolio through flexible deal structures.

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Our Leadership

Our team is highly experienced in clinical development, identifying new product opportunities, capital raising and structuring transactions.

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