Mereo's business model is flexible and highly scalable.

We focus on the development of innovative medicines with the potential to transform the lives of patients with no current remedies, in particular, those in rare and specialty disease areas. We:

  • Identify, select and acquire or licence appropriate candidate drugs from pharma and biotech majors
  • Invest and allocate resources combining an asset-centric approach with a portfolio strategy
  • Create value in the development pipeline
  • Structure innovative and creative transactions which benefit all stakeholders based on the success of the products
  • Monetise holdings at the most appropriate stages through partnering or sale of our programmes, or through direct commercialisation

Mereo combines the streamlined efficiency of a small company with the financial strength to conduct comprehensive clinical studies, enabling us to rapidly develop Phase 2 prospects into marketable products and capitalise on the value added through new partnership deals, outright sale, or direct commercialisation. Our significant internal expertise is backed up by an agreement with the global CRO ICON.

While focussing on the development of our existing portfolio we continue to identify and evaluate new drug prospects for potential acquisition with an eye to our long-term aim: a portfolio of five to seven diversified products.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to leverage Mereo’s innovative business model and resources to develop novel medicines for patients and to become a leader in specialty biopharma.

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Our Leadership

Our team is highly experienced in clinical development, identifying new product opportunities, capital raising and structuring transactions.

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